What is B Blog ?

Service is limited to employees in order to obtain special experience is the dissemination of information through the blog.

When you register as an employee, we will introduce a "project" on you.

Let's try our new products!

We will send food products, cosmetics, etc. before release into your hands!

Please provide an impression with your own words.

Event Limited

We invite you to participate in the brainstorming event in the product group discussions, specials talk show etc!

Please match your schedule.

Information Release

We will introduce information and news about new products!

We will introduce new products and how to search the content!

The sequence of B Blog use

STEP1 会員登録

Free Member registration!

Enter your account information on blogs and important points that are used to join the project in employee registration page.

STEP2 案件に応募

Apply to projects that want to follow!

When registration is complete, we will send you all kinds of new projects to your email. You are free to choose the project you want and please follow it.

STEP3 体験

Try our new service or product!

We will send you a lottery based on projects that have been selected by the employee in the form of trial product, event invitations, find information, come to the events that bring famous people and may also try our products before release.

STEP4 レポート

Give the impression you regarding our products with your own language.

Your impression will not be used for product information only, but will be published in the category "Your Review" and will be included in the project as useful information.

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